10 Simple Ways To Solve Personal Problems

10 Simple Ways To Solve Personal Problems

(credit to “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)

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All of us experienced problems in our life, and we face those problems differently.  Majority of us see the problems bigger than ourselves causing us stress, worries and pains. We dwell more often on the problems, and sometimes we forget that the answers are just in the grasp of our minds.  As they say, “The size of the problems determines by the size of You”, it’s true. Sometimes, what you think is a problem, is not really a problem to other people. It’s just the size of You that determines whether it is a problem or not.

Nonetheless, I would like to share with you here, the ten (10) Simple Suggestions in solving your personal problems.

1.) Believe that for every problem there is a solution. This belief will make you think more of the solutions to your problems because you know for a fact that it can be solved.

2.) Keep calm.  Tension blocks the flow of thought power.  Your brain cannot operate efficiently under stress.  Go at your problem easylike. When you are at peace, you can think clearly of the solutions to your problems. Your mind thinks at its best when you are in serenity and peaceful.

3.) Don’t try to force an answer. Keep your mind relaxed so that the solution will open up and become clear.  Put everything in God’s hands.

4.) Assemble all the facts impartially, impersonally, and judicially.

5.) List these facts on paper.  This clarifies your thinking, bringing the various elements into orderly system.  You see as well as think.  The problem becomes objective, not subjective.

6.) Pray about your problem, affirming that God will flash illumination into your mind. Deep Prayer will provide you Divine guidance on solving your problems. Prayer is very powerful as a means of talking freely to God.

7.) Believe in and seek God’s guidance on the promise of the 73rd Psalm, “Thou shalt guide me by thy counsel.”

8.) Trust the faculty of insight and intuition.

9.) Go to church and let your subconscious work on the problem as you attune to the mood of worship.  Creative spiritual thinking has amazing power to give “right” answers.

10.) If you follow these steps faithfully, then the answer that develops in your mind, or comes to pass, is the right answer to your problem.

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