The bigger the Why the easier the HOW!

The bigger the Why the easier the HOW!



Hindi ka ba nagtataka bakit hindi natin maachieve ang mga gusto nating maachieve sa buhay?

Bakit ang common sense ay hindi nagiging common practice?

The number 1 reason why most people don’t get what they want is because we don’t know what we really want.

And the number 2 reason why we don’t get what we want is because we don’t know WHY we want it.

Kadalasan, ang kulang sa atin ay enough reasons para iback up ang ating mga goals at dreams kaya ang tendency, tyo ay nagpoprocastinate. Pinagpapaliban kung anuman ang nararapat na gawin.

Once we have enough reasons & emotional WHYs, the HOWs will follow.

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Ralf Roger Tagao
Acountant/Licensed Real Estate Broker
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Hi, I’m Ralf Roger Tagao, a CPA & Real Estate Broker. My passion is reading books about business, success, leadership and all other motivational books that help me develop myself more. I love to share my ideas, knowledge and learnings to other people that I think will benefit them.

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