How To Use Faith in Healing

How To Use Faith in Healing

(An excerpt from the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale)



Is RELIGIOUS FAITH a factor in healing?  There are various evidences that Faith really is a factor in healing of a person.  When Faith is properly understood and applied, it is a powerful factor in overcoming diseases and establishing good health.

In my personal experiences, I used prayer and Faith to be more calm, peaceful and trusting to God.  And when your body is at peace, away from worries, you tend to heal naturally.

In the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, Here are the eight (8) practical suggestions on how to use Faith in Healing.

1.) Follow the advice of a prominent medical school head who said, “In sickness, send for your minister even as you send for your doctor.” In other words, believe that spiritual forces as well as medical technique are important in healing.


2.) Pray for the doctor.  Realize that God uses trained human instrumentality to aid His healing powers.  As one doctor has put it, “We treat the patient and God heals him.” Pray, therefore, that the doctor may be an open channel of God’s healing grace.


3.) Whatever you do, do not become panicky or filled with fear, for if you do, you will send out negative thoughts and therefore destructive thoughts in the direction of your loved one when he requires positive and healing thoughts to assist him.


4.) Remember that God does nothing except by law.  Also remember that our little materialistic laws are only fragmentary revelations of the great power flowing through the universe.  Spiritual law also governs illness.  God has arranged two remedies for all illness.  One is healing through natural laws applicable by science, and the other brings healing by spiritual law applicable through faith.


5.) Completely surrender your loved one into the hands of God.  By your faith you can place him in the flow of Divine power.  There s healing there, but in order for it to be effective the patient must be completely released to the operation of God’s will.  This is difficult to understand and equally difficult to perform, but it is a fact that if the great desire for the loved one to live is matched with an equally great willingness to relinquish him to God, healing powers are amazingly set in motion.


6.) It is also important that harmony prevail in the family, that is, a spiritual harmony.  Remember the emphasis in the Scripture, Matthew 18:19 “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Apparently disharmony and disease are akin.


7.) Form a picture in your mind of the loved one as being well. Visualize him in perfect health.  Picture him as radiant with the love and goodness of God.  The conscious mind may suggest sickness, even death, but nine-tenths of your mind is in the subconscious.  Let the picture of health sink into the subconscious and this powerful part of your mind will send forth radiant health energy.  What we believe in the subconscious we usually get.  Unless your faith controls the subconscious, you will never get any good thing, for the subconscious gives back only that which your real thought is.  If the real thought is negative, the results will also be negative.  If the real thought is positive, you will get positive and healing results.


8.) Be perfectly natural.  Ask God to heal your loved one.  That is what you want with all your heart, so ask Him please to do it, but we suggest that you say PLEASE just once.  Thereafter in your prayer, thank Him for His goodness.  This affirmative faith will help to release deep spiritual power and also joy through reassurance of God’s loving care.  This joy will sustain you, and remember that joy itself possesses healing power.

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