Ralf Roger Tagao, is a Certified Public Accountant and a Real Estate Broker by profession in the Philippines. He spent his nine (9) years from 2005 to 2014 as an Auditor and Accountant from different companies handling finance and accounting. He had ventured into Real Estate while working in year 2012 and got his licensed as a Real Estate Broker by then. While he was working, he did real estate part time, selling mostly condominiums in metro manila. One of his focus projects back then were projects of Phinma Properties. When Ralf, resigned on December 2014 to start full time career in Real Estate, he had shifted focus into house and lot selling. Since year 2015, he focus more on North Luzon projects specifically, the province of Bulacan, nearby north of metro manila to sell affordable housing projects.



As of now, Mr. Tagao, handles project of Bright Homes, Lumina Homes and New Apec Devt. Corporation located in Bulacan area.

Ralf was born in San Mariano Isabela on August 20, 1984 to a poor family where his father is a driver & farmer and mother as a housewife. He is the eldest among six (6) children, 5 of them now are already professionals. 2 teachers, a civil engineer, an accounting graduate and the youngest as an engineering student.

Ralf studied elementary in Isabela from grade 1 to 4, then transferred in San Miguel Bulacan when he is about to enter grade 5. He then graduated elementary and high school in Sibul Springs San Miguel Bulacan with honors. He entered college at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines main campus in Sta Mesa Manila from year 2001 to 2005 where he graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. He then took the CPA board exam year 2005 also and fortunately passed it by God’s grace and became a CPA. He then worked as an auditor from year 2005 to 2008, then as an Accountant from 2008 to 2014 until he decided to take real estate full time after getting a Real Estate Broker license in year 2012.

Apart from the professional career that he has achieved, Ralf grew up with financial struggles during his childhood days until he reached college. He has studied very hard and achieved honors from elementary to high school despite the poverty because he believed that having a degree will free them from poverty. Fast forward, In God’s grace, he was succeeded by his 4 more siblings who are also professionals now and the youngest as a civil engineering student.

Ralf credited his successes to undying Faith, hardwork, dedication, determination, positive attitude, support from parents and siblings and to other people that help him achieve what he had today.

As of now, Ralf has ventured into Real Estate as well as managing their small business with his wife who is also a Real Estate Broker. Another avenue to dream big, in the field of business, where he knew, that he can help a lot more people when he achieve more success in business and real estate.

Ralf is happily married to Ms. Jenelyn Palayon Tagao and they have one (1) daughter now, more to come and committed to be the best husband and father to his children.

This is my story. Thank you for reading.

More Power and Godbless!

Ralf Roger C. Tagao – CPA/REal Estate Broker


Ralf’s photo when he was invited as a guest lecturer of Real Estate Taxation by Urban Institute in year 2012


Ralf’s photo during the oathtaking of Real Estate Broker in year 2012.