Are You Considering To Start Your Own Business?

Are You Considering To Start Your Own Business?



When you are thinking of starting a business there are a lot of industries that you can look into. You can begin with a traditional business (food, services, distribution, manufacturing etc..) which require a capital to launch it that will pay for rentals, employees, licenses, stocks, supplies etc…And if you want to start with less capital, you can consider joining a network marketing company (the legal ones listed under DAP, Direct Selling Association of the Philippines), or be involved in an Insurance companies selling insurance (life, non-life or investment), or you can begin a career in Real Estate, selling house and lots, lots, properties and condominiums or be engaged in leasing properties for a particular property owner.

DriverThe lists that I mentioned above are the vehicles to your financial goals. And we know, that in order for a vehicle to move properly, it needs to have a driver. A driver which is you needs to learn the necessary skills in driving, how to use the steering wheel, put on pedal or brakes or clutch in the case of manual vehicles and the shifting of gear. These things need to be consider at the start and as you go along driving, there are certain rules that needs to be followed. At the start, you are slowly learning how to drive until you learn those skills and have acquired experience through time and master the art of driving.

skillsIn business, it is the same, you need to learn the skills in sales and marketing, communication skills, negotiation skills, closing techniques, handling objects, leadership skills, people skills and other skills necessary to make your business achieve it’s goals. It will take a process before someone really developed and master those skills. It will require patience and determination to experience temporary defeats and disappointments. But those are necessary ingredients to hone you as a person who master himself.

move forwardI know people who are successful in their traditional business. I know people who are successful in their network marketing business. I know people who are successful in their Insurance business. I know people who are successful in their real estate business. But I also know people who just started, never take time and effort to learn the skills and just quit after doing it for a short period of time.

personal takePersonally, I’ve experienced joining a network marketing company. I attended seminars on insurance to know what it is. I tried several traditional small business and failed many times. But my heart has found real estate at it’s best. An industry that I have passion with. I’m not saying that you need to be engaged in real estate, the same way that I did. All I’m saying is start whatever you feel you want to do and adjust later on as you gain experience. You can always change your vehicle but you need to learn the skills along the way.



Hi, I’m Ralf Roger Tagao, a CPA & Real Estate Broker. My passion is reading books about business, success, leadership and all other motivational books that help me develop myself more. I love to share my ideas, knowledge and learnings to other people that I think will benefit them.