Welcome to my personal website ralftagao.com

Welcome to my personal website, ralftagao.com.

I’m very glad that you took the time to check my personal website. I created this website for me to share my experiences, ideas and knowledge on areas such as real estate, business, investing, success, motivation, inspiration, leadership, wealth, and other topics that I think will be worth sharing to my audience and readers.

For those who do not me personally, I’m a Certified Public Accountant and a Licensed Real Estate Broker.  I’ve worked as an Auditor and Accountant from year 2005 to 2014. Since January 2015, I’ve been engaged in Real Estate full time selling projects in Bulacan area.

Savings and Investing 


One of the most important thing to develop if someone wants to achieve financial freedom is to develop the habit of consistently saving and then investing this to income generating assets that can be in the form of stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments or it can be put as capital in starting a business.




If you’re someone who really wanted to become an Entrepreneur, I would also write articles on starting a business. I myself, have started small businesses, most of which failed but the good thing is I learned a lot from it.



Real estate is one of the avenues wherein you can put your investments on it. If you want to buy properties to eventually rent it out to earn rental income, investment in properties is one of the means to earn passive income.




Everything boils down to leadership. The business or company’s success lies on the Leadership of its officers. Most of the time, if there are challenges in the business, the main responsible is it’s leaders.



I hope you might find this website helpful to you in areas of life that matters to you the most.

Enjoy your stay. More Power and Godbless!

Hi, I’m Ralf Roger Tagao, a CPA & Real Estate Broker. My passion is reading books about business, success, leadership and all other motivational books that help me develop myself more. I love to share my ideas, knowledge and learnings to other people that I think will benefit them.